Companion Animals Services

We are a nation of pet lovers and at Energy Vets we understand the importance of your pet to your family. Our experienced vets and nursing staff dedicate their time and energies to providing animals with accessible and up-to-date diagnostic, surgical and medical care. Energy Vets is a strong advocate of continuing education and staying current with new ideas as well as drawing on the combined experience of a big vet team. That way our clients and patients get the best of both.

Our trained nursing staff are passionate about their own pets and bring their caring attitudes to work every day making your pets stay at Energy Vets as pleasant as it can be for them when they are admitted either healthy or unwell.

From the new puppy or kitten to the much loved aged family pet we seek to understand your needs. When things go wrong after-hours we are here to provide you with 24 hour/7 day per week emergency service.

Some special services that we can offer are:

  • In-house diagnostic tests. This service can shorten the time needed to reach a diagnosis and begin treatment for those tricky cases which means your pet gets the correct treatment faster. This service is available in the weekends and afterhours..
  • Home visits. We know that sometimes it is in yours or your pets best interests to be seen at home. We can arrange a special visit by the vet and nurse to attend in such cases.
  • Dog grooming. For when your shaggy dog needs a make-over. Wash in a hydro-bath, nail clip and access to vet advice and recommended anti-parasite treatments. Show cuts are not our thing but making your pet feel great is!
  • Export Certificates. We have vets who are certified to get your pet to its destination with all the right paper-work.
  • Digital X-ray facilities. A recent addition to our services is digital X-ray processing. High quality pictures for improved diagnostic capability and prognosis. Safer for us too!
  • Puppy Pre-school. Introduce your new pup to the big world out there in a safe and friendly environment. Learn some great tips and meet other people and pups. Great introduction to people owning for your dog!
  • Dog obedience classes. Getting the basic commands right is half the battle. Learn from skilled trainers and graduate as a team!

We welcome feedback and are constantly striving to improve our service.