Equine Services


Horses are an integral part of Taranaki sport. At Energy Vets we are privileged to be involved in all horse disciplines. We service the full range of equine sports:- pleasure horses to racehorses. Mini to full size.. Some of our equine vets ride for pleasure or sport themselves. Our practice provides race-day services to the Taranaki Thoroughbred Racing and Harness Racing meetings in New Plymouth. We offer a 24 hr 7 day per week emergency service or visits by appointment.

Specific services we offer:

  • Pre-purchase examinations.We have two vets able to perform pre-purchase examinations (2 or 5 stage). Examinations can be performed at your chosen location. Further tests such as X-rays or endoscopy are available upon request.
  • Portable Digital X-ray facilities.
  • Routine Dental filing. Keeping dental health is important for your horses wellbeing. Routine filing means your horse is pain free during eating and riding.
  • Lameness investigations. From simple stone bruises to more complex issues requiring nerve blocks and x-rays.
  • Upper respiratory tract endoscopy. For either investigation of a problem or as part of a pre-purchase examination.
  • Surgical castrations and minor procedures. Routine castrations, hernias, retained testicles, caslicks and wound management. More complex cases are referred to equine hospital facilities at Massey or Hamilton.
  • Artificial insemination services. Preparing the mare and inseminating using fresh or chilled semen.
  • Ultrasound pregnancy testing. Early pregnancy testing after AI or confirmatory testing.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound. Soft tissue diagnostic scans.
  • Foal branding, DNA and microchippings