Our Vision

The team at Energy Vets Taranaki is professional, displays integrity and honesty which builds trusting relationships. We seek to understand the needs of our customers and want to put them first. We do this by engaging in active listening and asking questions to gain clarity. We are personally accountable, taking responsibility for our actions and doing what we say we are going to.

The team are continually striving to improve our product and services knowledge and be familiar with their features and benefits. Consistent and regular training is offered to keep us current so we are able to offer best practice. Trained professional “front” staff have expertise and time to exceed customer expectations.

We enjoy our work, and working as a team builds camaraderie. Staff are valued, appreciated and supported which boosts morale. Opportunities are available for career development. This results in retaining a stable team of highly motivated people to provide a consistent, professional EVT experience.

Our EVT environment uses modern equipment, up-to-date technology and maintains surroundings that are a reflection of the pride we have in our workplace. Clients and staff alike feel important as they enter through the doors.

At EVT there are clear expectations with everyone taking personal responsibility and accountability to understand what is expected. We celebrate success and support one another to learn from our mistakes. Clinic policies and protocols are familiar to all and regularly reviewed as a team.

Effective and open communication flows within all parts of our organisation and is always of a professional standard. Everyone is informed and on the same page, no one gets left behind. People are approachable and prepared to listen ensuring strong connections across all facets of our business. We are solution based and endeavour to be non-judgemental with open minds.

EVT is filled with knowledgeable, up-to-date and supportive staff who engage in clear communication and high quality clinical practices. We are always willing to help and go the extra mile.